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Peonies Watercolour with Round Brush

My new watercolour class – Peonies Watercolour with Round Brush is available in Teachable now.

This is an intermediate watercolour class. 
I will take you from the colours that I had chosen for two of my peonies demo pieces, brush strokes, basic leaves, layering of leaves and by end of the class, you will be able to paint these peonies.

There will be 3 PDF, 2 full coloured Peonies painting, 1 peony drawing and the art material list.

2 of first 50 students who sign uo for this class will stand a chance to win
A set of Silver Black Velvet no. 6 and 8 brushes and my original peonies painting. 

My first Cherry Blossom Online Class!

My first online class is available at SkillShare now! Sign up via my link to get 2 months of Premium membership. Unlock unlimited access to this Premium class along with thousands of classes taught by creators from around the world. No commitment and you can cancel anytime.

My Books

My second book, ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’  has been released late October 2018 and she is travelling to different parts of the world.

Please visit my store for more information.

Prima Watercolors is giving 15% discount to all my supporters using my code: estherpeck15%

Visit: for more details.

Watercolour Workshops

Tropical Plants & Orchids Watercolour 

Venue: COOS Atrium
Date: 3rd of March 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 2.30-5.00pm
Fee: $85
Sign up for any of my workshops at Overjoyed in March, April or May and pay $50 only.  

Rose & Loose Florals

Venue: Overjoyed, The Cathay, 2 Handy Road B1, 11, S229233
Date: 8th March 2020
Time:1.00 – 4.00 pm
Fee:  $160
15% discount for ex-students 

Peonies with Round Brush 

Venue: Overjoyed, The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, B1-11, S229233
Date: 22nd of March 2020
Time: 1- 4pm
Fee:  $160
15% discount for ex-students


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