About Esther

From a young age, Esther has always enjoyed art. Her first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she took a course in Western Art. She has since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in her career.

In 2015, Esther took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on her own. Her background as a graphic designer has helped her create artwork, designs and her self-published books which she currently sells online and at Amazon.

In addition, Esther is ambassador for Schmincke, a well known paints brand in Germany and Princeton Brushes in United States She teaches a multitude of watercolour classes from the classic flower wreaths to realistic looking animals and landscapes.

On Instagram and Youtube, Esther frequently shares her work and instructional videos to promote self-growth and improvement. Her teaching style is easy and approachable, presenting a digestible lesson on watercolour for all ages. It is no wonder why many students come back for more. 


I had enjoyed my art lessons taught by Esther for 4 years. She has been a great teacher, patient and friendly. I have learnt a lot from her. She has never stopped inspiring her students with her great talents.😊.
Hee Lee, a homemaker, homestudio student.



I have thoroughly enjoyed my watercolour lessons with Esther. She makes painting fun, easy-to-learn and accessible to all. Her step-by-step methods of teaching has helped me to quickly grasp new techniques and to create amazing pieces using basic techniques. Her love for painting has inspired me to paint more, practice more and to love art more.

Sherlyn,  Public Service officer, took 6 sessions of bundled lessons at my homestudio during her work break in 2017.
I think my flower painting has slightly improved! (: After just one session with you, I kinda seem to have gotten a little hang of things!’ Sherlyn sent me this painting after her first session of loose florals.

I started learning acrylic painting with Esther in 2013.
I have a great time whenever I attend her painting class. I always look forward to her class because to me, it is a kind of relaxation and painting helps me to relieve stress.
Esther is an awesome teacher with gifted talent.
She is always encouraging, never condemning, which is a boost to our confidence.
She can also handle kids very well. Sometimes, I really admire her patience with the little ones.
Esther shares her knowledge and skill by simplifying her teaching which makes it easier for her students to understand.
Last but not least, I would like to thank Esther for her patience and guidance throughout the years.

Eli Kwok,  home studio student joined for 5 years

My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons and has lots of fun every time. She is given the skills and the avenue to expand her creativity. Esther teaches well and allows her students to explore with different media, at their own pace.

Denise, mum of 11-year-old Kayleigh who has been with me since she was 8.



Thank you Esther for the wonderful class. We enjoy every bit of it and love your work. Especially when some of us are your followers on instagram. ☺️
We booked a private session(bachelorette party) and we had loads of fun snapping photos. Esther was very nice and patient with us when we are busy and distracted. We learned brush calligraphy and some basic florals, as most of us are beginners. Esther taught us the basic strokes and went around to check on our work to give us pointers. And while we were practicing, Esther did an A4 painting with a quote on the spot for the bride to be. Also a few demo pieces which were given to us in a lucky draw.

Some refreshments were provided during the class and we were totally enjoying the food. All our coffee even have coffee art such as bear, panda, bulldog and etc, which was lovely. Then at the end of the class, we had some nachos made by Esther. It was really good and the girls could not stop eating. 5 star for the class! Thank you for decorating the venue for us and really glad that we came for your class.

Ruby, who booked a Bachelorette Hen’s Party at Guac & Go Cafe.